Investment Sales

With over a decade of experience working with investment property buyers and sellers throughout Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, Habendum Commercial Real Estate has established itself as a professional NYC Retail Office with vast experience and knowledge of the Commercial Real Estate Spaces for Sale and/or Lease in NYC. ranging from entrepreneurial single building owners to large property owners, Habendum Commercial Real Estate has gathered an impressive portfolio of properties throughout the city, and is the perfect choice in accomplishing your sales or purchase goals.

With our finger on the pulse of the local market, our Habendum Commercial Real Estate Brokers have a deeper knowledge of the market all the while giving your project a more personal feel and attention in comparison to large global firms. Most importantly, we firmly believe our hard work does not end when we sign you as a client.

Habendum Commercial Real Estate provides investors:

  • Acquisition and disposition representation
  • Detailed market knowledge
  • In depth local market cycle analysis
  • Customized investment sales, acquisition and recapitalization services
  • Anticipation of and agile reaction to trends
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Creation and execution of recapitalization strategies
  • Structured debt assistance
  • Financial modeling
  • Income Producing,Value Add and Financial Analysis

We are no strangers to the power of branding and promotion, so we special care to emphasize those opportunities in our support on NYC Investment Properties. Always paying attention to every detail on your advertising and promotion, we ensure that everything from your advertising and promotion to your multimedia and print materials are up to specs and help you in closing the deal.